9 September 2021

Living in the times that we are all in, it is very difficult to interact and meet new people the old conventional way. Your platform has giving me the access to people you wouldn't normally get exposed too. I have met what I believe is one of God's angels walking amongst us on earth. We all meet new people on a daily basis, and impact someone's life in some or other way. Never would I have imagined the impact she would have had on my mind, body and soul. She is just amazing and after interacting via all the wonderful technology platforms for over a month, because of distance, we finally decided to meet in person last weekend. Every moment spent with her was as it was part of a script from the perfect love romantic story. I know I might sound like the typical character who is in love, but connecting with someone on a deeper emotional and spiritual level, before you meet in person to test the physical attraction and energy, is mind blowing. Thank you for playing a part in the next chapter of my life. Be blessed!